80+ Global Markets
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51 Pages
July 2021


Research Highlights: 

  • Public EV Charging payments market
  • Traditional & Smart Parking payments market
  • ICE Refuelling payments market
  • Payment trends & leading players
  • Regulation
  • Regional opportunities
  • Contactless card/OEM, mobile app, in-vehicle and legacy payment assessment

This new research from Kaleido provides an analysis of the frictionless mobility market, offering an assessment of key payment trends, consumer preferences for mobility payments, regional market trends, regulation and leading players across mobility payment segments.

This 51-page concise report provides forecasts for payments across public EV charging, traditional and smart parking in addition to internal combustion engine (ICE) refuelling payments.

Readers will receive the following insights:

  • How leading players across global regions are disrupting the mobility payments market.
  • Analysis of key market drivers including growth global markets, mobile app and in-vehicle integrated payments solutions.
  • How frictionless mobility payments ecosystems are developing, including an analysis of leading players, M&A activity, and structural market analysis.
  • Regional analysis of frictionless mobility payments opportunities.
  • Key market and regional growth predictions and analysis for frictionless mobility spend.

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Readers will get access to our Frictionless Mobility Data Hub 2021, at a global and regional level for the following:

  • Total Frictionless Mobility Spend across:
    • Public EV Charging
    • Traditional Parking
    • Smart Parking
    • ICE Refuelling
  • Frictionless Mobility Spend (Volume, Value, Average Spend), Split by:
    • Contactless card/OEM Pay
    • Mobile apps
    • In-vehicle integrated payment platforms
    • Legacy payment instruments (cash, PIN/mag stripe card etc).

Clients with access to our Data Hub will receive full metrics including forecasts across 80+ country markets. Members will be able to access the research directly. 

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Countries Included:

Algeria Djibouti Italy Nigeria Sweden
Argentina Ecuador Japan Oman Syrian Arab Republic
Australia Egypt, Arab Rep. Jordan Pakistan Taiwan, China
Austria France Kenya Peru Tanzania
Bahrain Germany Korea, Rep. Philippines Thailand
Bangladesh Greece Kuwait Poland Tunisia
Belgium Hong Kong SAR, China Lebanon Portugal Turkey
Brazil Hungary Libya Qatar Uganda
Canada India Malaysia Russian Federation United Arab Emirates
Chile Indonesia Malta Saudi Arabia United Kingdom
China Iran, Islamic Rep. Mexico Singapore United States
Colombia Iraq Morocco South Africa Uruguay
Czech Republic Ireland Netherlands Spain Vietnam
Denmark Israel New Zealand Sri Lanka Zimbabwe


Regions Included:

North America Latin America Europe & Central Asia East Asia & Pacific
South Asia Middle East & North Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Global

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Historical Data

2016 – 2020


2021 – 2025

Report Author

Steffen Sorrell
Chief of Research
Shrey Bhandari
Senior Research Consultant
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