Global Cross Border eCommerce Analysis
The Brief

The client, one of the top 3 global payment card issuers, requested data and insights into payment volume for cross-border and domestic eCommerce as part of market sizing for their cross-border business strategy unit.

The goal: To size the largest countries/corridors for cross-border and domestic eCommerce payments and the client’s relative standing in those countries/corridors.

Project remit: To provide several highly granular, data-driven reports. The reports were for internal planning purposes, with primary data outputs including global and country level transaction volume and value, payment direction for countries and key corridors, alongside transactions for payment methods, payment brands and industry verticals.

Day Project
Thousand Datapoints
Data Driven Reports

Kaleido analysed cross-border and domestic eCommerce spend between 2016-2018, providing data to the client detailing cross-border and domestic spend across over 100 markets and country corridors, split by:

  • Payment methods split by 8 categories
    • Including Wire Transfer, Online Payment Services & Wallets, Cash on Delivery, Invoice Payments, BNPL, Direct Card etc.
  • Account funding source
    • Including card and non-card, as well as the type of payment card including debit, credit and prepaid.
  • Payment brand splits for leading card networks
    • Including American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay and other locally established brands such as Mir and RuPay.
  • Sectors shaping spend
    • Including Digital Content, Gambling, Marketplace, Travel, Retail and others.
  • Spend via inbound vs outbound corridor and for domestic vs international spend.
  • Transaction volume and value for leading merchants
    • Including splits provided for top 50+ cross-border merchants and top 100 domestic merchants.

Findings were delivered in an excel format, through 6 separate reports, containing in excess of 300,000 data points. Project delivery was backed up with weekly meetings and aligned to this, key trends and insights behind market growth were provided to help the client understand the deliverables.

Data Extract: Cross border eCommerce Spend, Selected Corridors (Issuer to Merchant Country)

  • China - USA: Constant USD Millions
  • Japan - Singapore: Constant USD Millions
  • USA - UK: Constant USD Millions
the result

The research enabled the client to clearly define target markets for their cross-border business unit, alongside gauging market share vs other card issuers. The data helped the client shape future strategies to increase their competitive standing globally and also at a market by market level.

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